Black By Popular Demand

A (hopefully) funny show about race
What does it mean to be black? Or whatever you are. What are you? Have you been asked? If so, this is probably meant for you. Curtis and Raishawn are very nice, slightly black people. Please don't be offended by any of the dumb things we say.

category: comedy
tags: comedy, portland


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BBPD02 - Baron Vaughn - (1:33:06) 106.55 MB
Baron Vaughn (or Beevis) is a beloved name in the alternative comedy community who plays Bud on the Netflix original series, Grace & Frankie. We had the chance to sit down with him before his album recording to talk about race, revolution, and keeping your head up.

BBPD01 - Karinda Dobbins - (1:25:00) 58.37 MB
Karinda Dobbins is a Bay Area comedian who made her primetime national television debut on Coast-to-Coast Episode 1 on NickMom Night Out. She sat down to talk about a lot of stuff. I'm pretty sure a lot of it was about Black TV, but this podcast was recorded a while ago so who knows. Anyway, thanks for listening. Stay Black. Happy Black History Month?

BBPD IS BACK - (19:09) 21.92 MB
who cares, right? apparently some of you do, so here it is.